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Is there only one version for the HELIOS-35 Bolt Induction Heating Machine?

Yes, Helios-35 is the base version of the machine. However, it is possible to equip it with optional features, which remarkably upgrade the base unit. These options are: Timer, Ring-shaped inductors, Connectivity.

Is Helios-35 suitable for candles/linear inductors only?

No, this machine is designed to allocate power cleverly. From the display it is possible to select the type of inductor you are going to use (axial, ring-shaped, special design) so as to maximize efficiency.

What bolt size can HELIOS-35 be used with?

There is no factual limit to inductors manufacture, which means that Helios-35 can be equipped with a wide range of inductors.  Generally speaking, the most common requests range from 9mm to 35mm bolt hole diameter.

What is the operating temperature range of the HELIOS-35 machine?

The operating temperature reached by the bolt depends on the specific application (size, material, length etc.). The more it is on, the higher the temperature. Common required temperatures go up to 300°C.

What induction rods that can be provided with this model?

Inductors are built according to the very specific diameter, length and heating length. Since we directly build inductor, we have no problem in crafting custom inductors.

Is there any chart or timetable that shows the heating time for different bolt sizes?

Since any application is truly different in terms of material, diameter, length and other technical related. Generally speaking, we got to take in account seconds for smaller diameters (9-12mm) and several minutes for bigger sizes.

Is Helios-35 a water-cooled induction bolt heating system?

Yes, Helios-35 is a water-cooled machine. It is actually one of its point of strength as the cooling circuit (water tank, pump, heat-exchanger) is completely integrated in the machine and no additional chiller is needed.

About Helios-35.

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